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This site has been produced to publish the Dove family tree. However, it contains information on many other related families. It has been designed to exclude data (apart from name) of living people. Further details are available on most individuals, if required, by contacting e-mail or


All of the American Dove data and most of the early Somerset Dove family was supplied by Joseph John DOVE involving many years of dedicated effort. The New Zealand branch began when a section of the family emigrated in c1913. Iris ROWNTREE supplied most of the New Zealand data. The rest has been collected and input into Brothers Keeper, converted by GED2HTML and published on by myself Brian Arthur DOVE.

The GROVE research was compiled by Jill Carr and Maggie Herbert. Whilst much of the MINERS family was added by Richard Marsden.


This family originates from Somerset and has migrated into three main areas, England, America and New Zealand. Suggested start names Steven Michael DOVE or Joseph John DOVE.


The COOKs have been traced back to the Ipswich area of Suffolk, UK. But they moved into London in 1850. A recent branch has emigrated to Canada. Suggested start name Fiona Melody COOK.


From Somerset and Wiltshire in 1800. In 1850 they moved to London and Surrey UK. Suggested start name Gwendoline Mary ALLARD.


A large family originating from Kent UK mainly in the Canterbury area. The family stayed in this location between 1600 - 1850. Suggested start name Kathleen Florence MAPLE.

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